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Jellies vs Jams

“It must be Jelly ‘cause Jam don’t shake like that!”

jam in wood boxJams are made with puree of the fruit. The fruit is cooked in a small amount of water to prevent burning.  It is then put through a food mill to remove stems, tough skins and seed.  Making a true preserve from wild fruit is difficult because of the amount of seeds they hold and their tough skin.  Living Greens’ Jams are sweetened with unrefined evaporated cane juice using 40% less sugar than commercial jams.  This sugar reduction also explains the incredibly rich unmasked flavors.  It is necessary to refrigerate an open container as this is a “natural” product, and as such it is normal to occasionally see a speck from the fruit skin or raw sugar.  As this is a “natural” product, it is normal to occasionally see a speck from the fruit skin or raw sugar.  Jams are made fresh in the late summer and autumn.  The remainder of fruit is then frozen for use later during the year.

Recipes for jelly and candy using flowers have been recorded from the 1500’s onward.  Living Greens’ jellies are made from actual petals of flowers or blossoms and plants such as mint.  Occasionally, a berry such as the Juniper is best made into a jelly.  No hard and fast rules.  Because flower jelly is made from a “tea”, not the fruit of the plant, it is less dense, visually clear holding beautiful color, and gelatinous.  Living Greens uses the terminology “flower” if it ultimately produces seed, and “blossom” if it ultimately produces a fruit.  The jelly usually contains the pollen of the flower.  If you have severe allergies, use with caution; sample a small amount first.  Flowers and blossoms can have a very small window of time for harvest, so some varieties are limited and very seasonal.  Much depends on Mother Nature.  You will notice that we also use common or noxious weed flowers such as Purple Thistle, which actually positively impacts the environment.  Pure Cane Sugar is used to sweeten the flower varieties and keep the translucent appearance; no fructose or beet sugars.  As with the jams, these should be refrigerated after opening.

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