Living Greens Colorado

Customers’ Favorite Uses

Here are some wonderful ideas for using our wildcrafted jellies and jams at home:

  • As a glaze for pork & chicken, may be thinned with cider vinegar (Organic Rosemary, Organic Sage, Wild Chokecherry, Wild Apricot etc.)!
  • Added to a BBQ sauce (Wild Elderberry, Wild Mint Mojito, Habanero, Wild Apricot)!
  • With Salmon or Tofu on stovetop or baked (Wild Cactus, Wild Cactus Chili, Wild Juniper Berry)
  • Slightly melted for ice cream topping!
  • Hot pepper jams for appetizers with cream cheese and crackers!
  • Mix some into plain yogurt (Especially Wild Sumac, Wild Mint Mojito, Wild Purple Thistle, Wild Juniper Berry – deeper tasting Jams)!
  • Filling for thumbprint or bar cookies!
  • Gifts!
  • Flavor for vodka & gin!
  • Filling for cakes or Danish pastries!
  • Cheesecake topping!
  • Filling between cake layers!
  • Spoonful into the middle of muffins before baking!
  • On toast or English muffins!
  • Topping for pancakes, waffles and French toast!
  • Mixed into the pancake batter (rather than spread on top).
  • Thinned with a bit of Olive Oil heated for side dip for roasted/grilled chicken strips!
  • Flavor and sweeten hot tea (Elderberry jam is an old cough/cold remedy with hot tea)!
  • Stirred into cottage cheese!
  • Turkey sandwich spread (just like you would put cranberry sauce on a turkey sandwich with a bit of cream cheese!
  • A blob of jam in oatmeal!
  • Melt with a bit of brandy to brush a glaze on homemade tarts at the holidays
  • Some of the darker jellies can add a touch of natural color to homemade frosting or icing!
  • Cover a wheel of brie cheese with your favorite jam or jelly, wrap in puff pastry and bake!
  • Add a little to vinaigrette for a fruity flavor– raspberry jam + balsamic vinegar + oil
  •  To use up a good amount of jam, consider a jam cake. It’s an old-fashioned spice cake with jam in the batter.
  • Homemade “Pop Tarts”
  • With pastry/pie crust, roll out, cut into rectangles. Put jam on half the rectangles; put the other rectangles on top glued down with egg white. Press down edges with a fork and prick holes in. Bake until mostly done but still a bit pale to toast later. Freeze, toast later.
  • Flavor protein shakes
  • Fruit pizza – Pizza sized sugar cookie with sweetened cream cheese spread on top; place fruit on top in some kind of pattern, glaze with jelly or jam.

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