Living Greens Colorado

Wild Jellies & Jams

Living Greens is carrying on centuries old traditions of gathering wild fruits and flowers throughout the mountains and plains of Colorado.  From these we specialize in making Wild Flower, Flower Blossom and Fruit Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters & Syrups. Batches produced are small as we are an artisanal business.

Wild Colorado Blue Spruce & Wild Apple Butter

The seasons along with Mother Nature dictate our offerings.

Living Greens is reintroducing wonderfully fragrant, delicate & lovely, sometimes tangy, but always flavorful tasting Flower Jellies.  Beautiful natural colors emerge from Wild Pink Roses, Purple Lilac & Fireweed. Overtones of honey are captured from Purple Thistle, Honeysuckle Blossom, Dandelion and Sunflower Petals. White Fir and Spruce Tree Tips offer a surprisingly refreshing citrus experience.

Wild Chokecherry or Cactus Fruit from our Wild Fruit Jam selection evoke childhood memories. Certain fruits are gathered from trees still producing on old Colorado homesteads. Others are discovered on Colorado mountainsides, streams and meadows. Wild raspberries, grapes, serviceberries, elderberries and more fill our Jams, Butters and Syrups.  Some plants used, such as the incredibly tangy Staghorn Sumac, are sacred plants used by Native Americans. Wild fruits often contain anti oxidants and compounds not found in domestic fruit that have had these healthful qualities bred out of them.

Colorado Royal Gorge Region Fresh Apple Cider is the primary ingredient for our apple cider varieties including our selection of Herb Jellies with organic rosemary and sage.

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