Living Greens Colorado

Skin Care

Living Greens uses key ingredients of Pine Tree Resins and Needles, Wild Sage and Wild Arnica flowers combined with “unrefined” Grade A Shea Butter, Colorado Unrefined Beeswax and Pure Oils offering an advanced level of skin care with healing properties for true absorption.


From these components we specialize in making Healing Skin Balms, Healing Lip Balms and both an Arnica Cream and an Arnica Balm. Batches produced are small as we are an artisanal business.  Wildcrafted ingredients are all gathered in Colorado, save the wilcrafted shea which is only available from Africa. These are traditional elements used to make Living Greens’ contemporary skin care products healing many skin conditions.

Just as important, is what is not included in the making:  no solvents, no petroleum, nor alcohol is used to create these outstanding skin healing balms.

Living Greens is reintroducing naturally fragrant Healing Skin Balms similar to what Native Americans produced by utilizing what nature had provided surrounding them.  The true scent of our Piñon Pine Balm induces childhood outdoor memories.  Likewise sweet Lodgepole Pine and the musky Bristlcone and wild Sage are real bouquets and yet provide effective treatment for parched and damaged skin.

Few and simple ingredients are needed to produce our wonderfully silky Lip Balms using Wild Mint and Rose Hips to protect and heal.

The Wild Arnica flower is gathered here in Colorado.  It holds the properties of the active ingredient used for pain relief and bruising. Living Greens combines this flower with shea butter to develop our topical use cream or with beeswax to develop our topical use balm.  The cream vs. the balm is simply a matter of preference as far as the texture of the product.  It could also be the case that someone may be allergic to “Shea Butter” as it is derived from a “nut” of the shea tree, so the formula using the beeswax instead should be used.

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