Living Greens Colorado


Living Greens Colorado is a small, artisanal, wildcrafting business, offering products from the resources of the desert and mountains of Colorado. Living Greens makes jellies, jams, and syrups from wild gathered flowers, fruits, and plants. Skin care products are made from wild gathered flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves, needles and bark.

Living Greens’ jellies are made from the wild flowers and some plants that are gathered.  Jams are made from the fruit or berry of the plant.  Living Greens uses only unrefined or pure cane sugar.

The ingredients in Living Greens’ products have been used and tested for thousands of years. This knowledge has been lost or forgotten, replaced with ingredients that can be created in a laboratory. So, we return to natural, to make fitting use of what has been given us.

One of the goals of Living Greens is to rediscover uses for our “sister,” the Pinon Tree so that she may again be awarded the respect she so deserves. From providing one of the strongest anti-virulant known, as a food source, with cholesterol lowering compounds, as a great healing power, to its ability for assimilation into human tissue, the conifers are providing many answers.

Living Greens offers world class skincare products using the finest ingredients: Grade A unrefined shea butter is obtained through a Ghana Women’s Fair Trade Cooperative. Wildcrafted ingredients from Colorado are gathered ethically, mostly provided by the destructive forces of nature and man. Gentle extraction methods to retain photonutrients, bioeffective, and biolife of the plant material are crucial for processing. All oils used are cold pressed, extra virgin (not refined) and, so, also leave their biolife intact. Living Greens uses no distillation or tinctures in high proof alcohol or chemical solvents. This would be detrimental to all that is “alive” in the plant. The whole essence of the plant is included intact, not parts and pieces. There is some sun protection in all of the balms and body butters from shea, resins, and selected oils. Unlike our world competitors in conifer therapy, Living Greens employs exclusive plant oils instead of water. Water is simply an inexpensive filler used extensively in other skin care products that merely evaporates.

Living Greens is confident you will find the utmost satisfaction with our products. Should you have any concerns or questions please contact us. We would love to hear from you.